How We Work

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The Introduction

This is where it all begins. It’s where we introduce our selves and we have a cup off coffee together to chat so that we start to get an understanding of your project and the journey you would like to take your user on.

The Alchemist

After getting to know you and what your project is about, we introduce you to our friendly Alchemists and ask them to get started on your unique blend.

The Alchemists rush off to the lab and get to work! Inside the lab, Pans fly, liquids splash against the wall, weird things are burning and smoke is pouring from out under the door! You wonder what on earth is going on, you reach for the door when suddenly it burst open !! A flash of light blinds you and you fall to your knees

Stunned you feel a hand reach down and gently holds your hand, the light fades away your eyes start to adjust and there through the smoke comes the friendly alchemist, with the first visual concept of your project... A bit Shocked you look at the designs but quickly rush off to your kingdom with the visual designs to bring the concept to the round table

The Approval

After what feels like days of intense, battles with everyone in your kingdom, you've finally come to an agreement for the list of changes that need to take place. You swiftly jump on your horse to tell us the good news! Upon arrival you find the same Alchemists awaiting for your go ahead, you give a slight nod, and he rushes back into the lab with the instructions.

This time less intensely its refinement time.

With some tweaks to your unique blend, the alchemists produces the final visuals. You take a quick look... Yes!!! You shout unintentionally, you can't believe your eyes they've done it! Every thing that was asked for has been accomplished. You call for your messenger and send the good news back home...

The Dark Arts of coding

The Alchemists satisfied with the work done tells you to follow the path and walks back to the lab as another clients awaits.

You start to wonder down the path but in the darkness of the forest, a silhouette starts to emerges, you can't tell if its a person or an animal, you suddenly feel the hairs on the back of your neck raise, you go to turn around but before you know it something has snatched the visuals from your hands and disappears into the darkness.

Shocked you run back to the lab looking for the friendly Alchemist. The Alchemist smiling explains that your visuals have been accepted by the sacred creatures that practice the dark arts of Coding, he say’s that you have been accepted and hands you a key to the guest house, but warns you not to adventure to deeply into the dark forest, as the dark art of Coding is a sacred and protected art.

The Wait

A couple of days have passed and you’re waiting in the guest house, still wondering what on earth that creature was, lurking in the forest, when suddenly you hear a knock at the window you pear out and there lays a key.

You look around no one to be seen, puzzled, you pick up the key up turn around, a mysterious box has appeared on your bed, this is all to strange you tell your self… Nervously you slot the key in the box...

The Ending

You try to turn the key, but it won't turn.. you're confused you don't know how to use the key.. You start to feel your head getting heavy, you try to resist but its to heavy you don't know what to do, you feel as if you’re being pulled to the ground, you can’t take it any longer you give in to the weight and you feel yourself smack into the ground when Suddenly you wake up and find your self at your office desk holding on to a usb stick, one arm dangling from the chair and your head resting on the table...

A bit confused you realise you've fallen a sleep while waiting for content of the usb key to transfer to test your brand new site.

You smarten your self up plug the usb in and start showing it off to colleagues, impressed you give us a call, thank us for the site and telling us about this weird dream because of an all nighter, you had. We laugh together and prepare for the production and the launch of the project

If you haven't got it by now we're a fun creative team ready to help you with your online project. We specialise in building online tailored collaboration platforms but we love any challenge thrown at us, its how we grow, It doesn't matter if its a large or small project , from a simple PDF or infographic to a full blown custom webapp we have you covered, we love a new challenge and love to test our creativeness. why not get in touch get a quote and lets get started telling your story to the world.